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Orbital Welding Joint Preparation: Pipe End Preparation and Fit-Up

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Pipe and pipeline welding is divided into many worlds. At one end is the roughneck world of owner/operator welding subcontractors. These welders wear pancake-style welding helmets, drive trucks featuring prominently mounted pipe welding power supplies on the back, and have a seemingly endless supply of welding rods tucked about their…

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Tube-to-Tubesheet Welding Types: Choosing the Right Joint for Your Project

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Having choices doesn’t necessarily make things easier, and that is certainly the case when it comes to choosing a joint type for a tube-to-tubesheet welding project. Of course, the type of use—heat exchanger, pressure vessel, or boiler—and the fluids being processed factor into the choice. Tube material, corrosion resistance, tubesheet…

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Orbital welding hazards can be minimized with proper training.

Orbital Welding Hazards: Ways to Reduce Welding Health and Safety Risks

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By its very nature, the orbital TIG welding process poses fewer hazards than most manual welding methods. Non-consumable electrodes, fully enclosed weld heads, remote vision systems, and mechanized control of the welding process can all reduce the health and safety risks associated with welding. Nonetheless, orbital welding hazards do exist,…

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