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Robotic welding in manufacturing

The Future of Robotic Welding in Manufacturing

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Unimation 001, the first welding robot, was created in 1962. In the early days, heavy automated machinery with less flexibility limited robotic welding to large-scale heavy industries like automotive manufacturing. With today’s refined robotic and computing tools, however, robotic welding has become widely available across manufacturing environments. This transition has…

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Robotic arms and operator display digital transformation in manufacturing

Completing the Digital Transformation in Manufacturing With Automated Welding

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The digital transformation in manufacturing has occurred swiftly in recent years with the rise of automation and digital technology. Industries like oil and gas have leveraged the benefits of this change and have begun to rely more heavily on advanced technologies in areas including business, finance, and logistics. However, one…

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Steel vessel displays importance of welding prep in pressure vessel fabrication

Welding Prep in Pressure Vessel Fabrication

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From nuclear waste storage to food and chemical processing, companies employ pressure vessels for wide-ranging applications. Since these pressure vessels accommodate high-pressure storage or fluid transfer, they must provide maximum strength. Weld joints in the vessels require special attention to ensure quality and operational continuity. To maintain optimal weld quality,…

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