High Quality Narrow Groove Tungsten


Tungsten electrodes are used by welders for narrow gap welding due to their high strength/size ratio and resistance to high temperatures—tungsten has a melting point of 3422° C (6192° F). Tungsten is radioactive, though, and when heated it can be dangerous for the welder and the surrounding environment. Orbital TIG welding enables welders to overcome this potential hazard. For piping and tubing, an orbital process is the surest and safest method to achieve the weld consistency necessary for many narrow groove welding applications. However, the quality and efficiency of your narrow groove welding project comes down to the narrow groove TIG welding equipment and materials you use. And Arc Machines, Inc., (AMI) provides the best in industry narrow groove tungsten electrodes to help you achieve the best results. 

Why Use AMI Narrow Groove Tungsten Electrodes?

AMI narrow groove TIG welding (NGT) is the best process for critical industry projects where weld failure is not an option. However, weld quality rests largely on your choice of electrode. Since the properties of tungsten can vary significantly based on purity and dopant percentage, you need to be able to trust that your tungsten electrodes are high quality and consistent. With AMI tungsten electrodes, you can reliably expect high purity, highly optimized ignition control, consistent weld quality, stable strength, and custom pre-grinding and polishing to your specifications. Additionally, AMI’s electrodes are backcasted to improve the NGT process. 

AMI’s Unique Back Casted Tungsten Electrodes

The process of NGT is unique from other processes that use tungsten. For example, a lack of sidewall fusion can occur when welding thick-walled pipes. To address this, the tungsten is made compact and fixed to the torch with two points of contact: one for each sidewall. To minimize heat loss and aid conductivity, AMI electrodes are uniquely backcasted with a copper socket.

AMI’s Copper Socket Backcasting

Precisely cast and milled to electrode geometry

  • Aids electrical conductivity
Utilizes Unified Fine Pitch (UNF) threads

  • Provides precise mechanical connectivity
Provide a large surface area connection

  • Helps dissipate excess heat quickly

Since all of our tungsten electrodes are built by Wolfram Industries, a single manufacturer specializing in DIN and custom products, you can rest assured that any NGT electrodes you choose for your project will be metallurgically consistent.

Which AMI Narrow Groove Tungsten Electrode To Use?

AMI Tungsten electrodes are used for a wide range of narrow groove applications. However, there are considerations when working with different types of materials that can influence your choice of electrode type. The table below is provided as an aid in making this decision.  

Common Usage
Base Materials and Alloys
Narrow Groove Tungsten Types
Pure Tungsten
Stainless Steel
Steel (Carbon)
Power Supply
Pure Tungsten

Regardless of which narrow groove tungsten electrodes you choose, you can count on them to be of the highest quality, exhibit consistent properties and employ our unique backcasting to deliver the best results for your NGT project solution. 


Since its founding by former NASA engineers in 1976, AMI has been an industry leader in producing high-quality and high-tech welding equipment that includes orbital welding machines, weld heads, and our unique narrow groove tungsten electrodes. For inquiries regarding products, contact sales@arcmachines.com. For service inquiries, contact service@arcmachines.com. Arc Machines welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific needs. Contact us to arrange a meeting.