Closed Weld Heads for Orbital Sanitary Welding


Welding for sanitary or food-grade applications is critical for many reasons. Industries like biopharma or food and beverage must comply with sanitary standards to ensure that the consumed products are not exposed to any contaminating factors. This is why special consideration is required during surface preparation and throughout the welding process.

Most of the industries with sanitary requirements have adopted orbital welding because of the precision, consistency, and smoothness of the weld. Employing a closed weld head can help manufacturers achieve high-purity standards by enclosing the weld environment.  

Why Use Closed Weld Heads for Orbital Sanitary Welding?

To achieve the most effective results from orbital welding, the weld head should fit the application. Closed weld heads for orbital welding are known for their clean welding and smooth finish—especially in tubes and thin wall pipes. These weld heads are compact and create an enclosed environment around the workpiece. In this enclosed environment, the weld heads provide shielding gas protection which creates an inert environment where it is possible to prevent oxidation and ensure a clean weld.

Moreover, a closed weld head also creates a smoother finish—a necessity in sanitary applications—since any surface imperfections can offer an easy target for potential bacterial growth. The versatility of a closed weld head also means that it can be used with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, or other nickel-based alloys. However, for high-purity requirements, industries prefer pairing closed weld heads with corrosion-resistant alloys for high-quality, clean weld results.

Closed Weld Head From AMI

Arc Machines Inc. (AMI) has been an industry leader in orbital welding solutions for decades, providing solutions such as orbital weld heads (open or close), power supplies, and accessories for high-quality welding applications. For sanitary welding, AMI offers a range of closed weld head options that can accompany an orbital GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) system to ensure clean fusion welds.

Model 8 Series Weld Head: These weld heads are designed specifically for performing welds on thin-walled pipes, tubes, or fittings and support welding for the following range of dimensions:

Outer Diameter 0.25 in (6 mm) to 6.625 in (168 mm)
Wall Thickness Up to 0.160 in (4mm)

Model 8 weld heads offer the following features: 

  • The narrow width of the weld head supports welding on applications with restricted clearance.
  • A two-sided flexible clamping mechanism supports precision welding in varying diameter ranges.
  • The unique water-cooling feature supports heavy wall or high duty cycle welding.
  • Wide extension cable range allows for flexibility. 

Model 9 Series Weld Head: These weld heads facilitate GTAW welding for any type of cylindrical fitting, such as pipes, tubes, or fittings and accommodate the following dimension ranges:

Outer Diameter 3/32 in (2.3 mm) to 7.5 in (190.5 mm)
Wall Thickness 0.01 in (0.25 mm) to 0.16 in (4 mm)

Model 9 weld heads offer the following features:

  • A two-sided clamping mechanism eliminates the need for tacking as the weld heads hold the component in proper alignment.
  • The viewing window offers the opportunity for verifying the weld.
  • Availability of water-cooling options for cables and weld head components supports increased duty cycle welding.

The Model 9 weld heads also include Model 9 CT Series Weld Head and Model 9E Weld Head series with the following range of features:

  Model 9E Series Model 9 CT Series
Outer Diameter 0.25 in (6.3 mm) to 6.625 in (168.3 mm) 0.093 in (2.3 mm) to 1.50 in (38.1 mm)
  • Off-set electrode fusion
  • Single-sided clamping and gas seals
  • Removable cassette module for clamping and alignment
  • 360-degree visibility of the weld

Making the Right Choice: Closed Weld Heads for Orbital Sanitary Welding

Setting up a welding process to provide clean results and a hygienic operating environment can be a difficult task for manufacturers. With the weld head, the risk factor can be reduced. Closed weld heads and an orbital GTAW process can provide a controlled and encapsulated welding environment to meet the highest cleanliness, consistency, quality, and precision standards. AMI’s closed weld heads offer a wide range of features to help you achieve the sanitary standards your welding application demands.  



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