Online Orbital Welding Training

Orbital welding performed on a pipe

Welding is an art that demands years of expertise and knowledge to accomplish flawless welds in critical and low-tolerance environments. Although manual welders are invaluable to high-specification projects across various industries, the severe shortage of skilled technicians who have mastered complex welding processes has led to the adoption of orbital and other forms of automated welding. 

While automation can eliminate errors caused by welder fatigue and compensate for the lack of skilled labor, operators must be able to read a molten puddle, understand welding procedure specifications, and operate welding machines safely and efficiently. At Arc Machines, Inc., we understand that manufacturers need top-quality orbital welding training and education on the automated equipment and services we provide to help experienced and new welders define the future of welding through automation. 

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What to Expect from Our Orbital Welding Training Programs

Our orbital welding training programs include over 200 course offerings aimed at improving machine knowledge, maximizing machine productivity, establishing safe operating techniques, and imparting an outstanding welding education. The instructor-led training with hands-on learning and customized programs for equipment operators and service technicians utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology to offer the best possible training environment. Our course offerings include:

  • Welding Joints for Automotive Fabrication
  • Welding Power Supplies
  • Welding Polarity
  • Weld Joints, Types, & Positions
  • Non-Destructive Testing and many more.

Check our training calendar for course overviews and details on the training sessions offered.

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Gain In-Depth Welding Knowledge on Automated Welding Machines

Our knowledge center offers extensive and up-to-date information on welding automation to help weld operators acquire the complex skills needed to meet the standards in today’s welding environment. The wealth of information we share with the welding and cutting industries regarding metallurgy, set-up, material compositions, power and voltages, purge, shielding gases, weld pool dynamics, and tip configurations is unparalleled and unmatched.

We are committed to providing the latest industry news, valuable welding knowledge, and accessible and quality welding training sessions to the welding community. Enroll in our orbital welding training programs and expand your knowledge on automatic welding processes from certified experts while learning about new products and product lines.  


Arc Machines, Inc. is an industry leader in providing advanced and customized orbital welding equipment and services. Contact AMI to learn more about orbital welding training, or contact to know more about AMI welding machines.