Automated Welding Systems for Precision GTAW

Automated welding systems perform pipeline butt welding

High demand for welding technicians in competitive manufacturing environments has led industries to seek advanced welding processes for increased productivity. Manufacturers have found that automated welding systems, when compared to manual welding, can effectively increase productivity, quality, and efficiency.

To consistently achieve precise welds, manufacturers have increasingly adopted mechanized or automated welding systems like orbital GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding). By switching to an automated welding system, manufacturers obtain precision through parameter optimization while reducing the variability inherent in manual welding. 

Automated Welding System

A welding system is judged on quality. Even expert welders find difficulty in maintaining a high level of accuracy and precision throughout the production process. An automated welding system minimizes errors by joining human expertise with mechanized efficiency to achieve consistent, high-quality welds. Additionally, automated weld heads and weld controllers enable technicians to optimize weld parameters such as arc voltage, filler wire feed, and rotational speed. Within such controlled parameters, industries can more readily meet their precision welding goals.

An automated system like orbital GTAW is the most reliable choice for fusion welding tubes, pipes, and tube-to-tubesheet welding. Tube and tubesheet welding must accommodate materials with widely ranging diameters, thicknesses, and geometries. Additionally, welders must consider further constraints like restricted workspaces around the tubes and potential safety hazards. The flexibility and consistency required for these welding processes can be achieved by an automated orbital GTAW process that reliably produces high-quality fusion tube welding and tube-to-tubesheet welding.

Automated Orbital GTAW for Precision

Manufacturers can attain high-quality, precision welds with various techniques that improve speed, current, and electrode preparation. The automated welding system, orbital GTAW, helps achieve optimal weld precision in the following ways:

  • An automated welding system enables welders to easily define weld parameters like arc length, voltage, current, feed speed, and electrode orientation that facilitate precise welding.
  • With automated weld heads and optimized parameters, the orbital welding process achieves stable, repeatable results that ensure consistent, precise welds.
  • Weld pendants increase the benefits of orbital welding. The remote weld pendant allows operators to control weld parameters and observe the welding process without being present at the location.
  • Weld data can be monitored for process control and defect prevention.
  • Precise welding for thicker walls can be achieved by optimizing the weld parameters.

Deciding on an Automated Welding System

Automated orbital welding systems yield high-quality and precise weld joints. By utilizing tools like AMI’s automated weld heads and remote weld pendants, an automated process such as orbital GTAW facilitates flexibility, stability, and repeatability in the welding process. In both tube-to-tube or tube-to-tubesheet welding, these automated welding systems provide high-quality solutions for your welding applications.


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