Why Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Vessels are Important


Over the past few decades, the pharmaceutical industry has rapidly evolved. With a massive budget for technological development and biological research, the pharmaceutical industry has become a significant economic force valued at 1.42 trillion dollars. Much of the credit for this advance also goes to the development of the manufacturing sector, which has made chemical and bioproduct processing much more efficient.

Pharmaceutical vessels can now withstand extreme process conditions and still provide the desired sanitary qualities. In addition, improved welding technologies and adherence to standards enhance the ability of pharmaceutical vessels to meet new heights of quality and productivity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Vessel in the Industry

Vessels in the pharmaceutical industry provide a contained, sterile environment for chemical reactions to take place or bio-organisms to grow under controlled process conditions. These vessels are used during the holding, fermenting, and mixing phases. The product may be extracted through direct heat and pressure application or gradual cell and bacteria growth. These products are then used in developing medical drugs, vaccines, or other therapeutic treatments.

Most of the processes involved produce an extensive endothermic or exothermic heat transfer reaction between the media — and this is just one issue among many that companies face during pharmaceutical pressure vessel design and operation. Other key challenges include the following —

  • Corrosive nature of the complex chemicals
  • Extreme temperature and pressure conditions required for processing
  • Strict sanitary requirements to avoid potential contamination
  • Poor fabrication that leads to leakage and atmospheric exposure

Many industrial standards have been set to address these challenges of pharmaceutical vessel fabrication, including –

According to the established industry practices and standards, good results can been achieved with stainless steel and quality orbital welding equipment.

Why Use Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Vessels?

Stainless steel offers many beneficial properties, such as high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and good performance at varied temperature and pressure ranges — qualities highly sought after in the pharmaceutical industry. 316L stainless steel is considered the finest material for pharmaceutical vessel fabrication. Fabricating stainless steel pharmaceutical vessels under ideal conditions will provide the following advantages –

  • Corrosion resistance properties will keep the vessel safe from chemically reactive media
  • Smooth finishing of the metal to prevent undesirable bacterial growth
  • Excellent mechanical properties that resist the extreme process conditions required for the reaction

Importance of High Quality Welding Equipment

Welding stainless steel pharmaceutical vessels can be tricky, especially when strict sanitary standards must be met. Excessive heat can distort or warp the vessel walls and compromise the strength and finish. For a clean and precise weld, TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is the most effective method. TIG welding provides heat input control and gas shielding to ensure the vessels are fabricated in a clean and controlled environment.

AMI provides a wide range of welding equipment that can help meet cost and time limits when manufacturing stainless steel pharmaceutical vessels and the supporting tubings and fittings.

With ideal welding equipment and adherence to sanitary standards, critical stainless steel pharmaceutical vessels can be fabricated to achieve the highest quality


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