AMI Orbital Welding Equipment Delivers Quality Results Time After Time

orbital welding equipment

Welding as an industrial process has experienced many technological transformations to meet evolving welding requirements and standards. From manual and mechanical to automated and smart welding, industries including aerospace, biopharma, oil, and gas now have the option to innovate tiresome and error-prone methods with precise and productivity-focused systems, such as orbital welding.  

Orbital welding focuses on rotating the welding arc around the stationary workpiece to form a strong fusion. The automated process leverages different tools to optimize the welding parameters for greater quality and precision. With AMI’s orbital welding equipment, manufacturers can consistently meet quality standards as well as productivity goals.

Orbital Welding Equipment

Orbital welding plays a critical role in joining tubes and pipes across many industries. However, specific industries and applications will often present unique welding specifications and require specialized welding equipment for best results. AMI’s weld head and power supply offer solutions for a wide range of applications:

Orbital weld heads clamp to the fixed pipes on a set track or guide ring to perform the weld. As the weld head is mounted to the workpiece and automatically driven, weld consistency is easy to maintain. Fixed parameters allow the weld head to reliably produce uniform, high-quality results.

The power supply supports orbital welding by optimizing the available electrical power and enabling welders to control elements of current flow—including voltage, amperage, and polarity—for the desired welding application. This level of control allows operators to monitor welding process parameters that include feed speed, arc length, and more. As a result, industries can leverage these controls to achieve consistency and quality in precision-oriented applications such as semiconductor manufacturing.  

Benefits of Orbital Welding Equipment


AMI provides orbital welding equipment specifically designed to meet a wide range of requirements to achieve industrial expectations. When compared with manual welding, the automated tools operate consistently and reliably without error or fatigue. Increased productivity and efficiency, along with waste reduction, can also balance the initial investment. With tools suitable for a wide range of applications, manufacturers can leverage the following benefits:

  • Consistency and parameter optimization help manufacturers ensure high-quality welds.
  • With a controlled power supply and auto weld heads, highly precise welds can be accomplished and repeated.
  • Weld parameter optimization facilitates the use of weld heads across assorted metals, including challenging ones like stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and Monel.
  • The mechanized system is easy to use and safe for operators, as complex geometries and hard-to-reach spaces can be easily welded. As a result, welders remain safe from exposure to harmful gases. 

AMI’s Orbital Welding Solution

AMI provides a wide range of orbital welding equipment, including weld heads, power supplies, and accessories that are suitable for a variety of welding applications, for instance: 

AMI also provides high-quality tungsten fit for various purposes. With a range of equipment on hand, industries can avoid errors, achieve high-precision welds, and ensure quality and consistency in operation. 


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