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Bioreactor manufacturing for a sanitary application

Supplying Bioreactor Manufacturing With Sanitary Welding Equipment

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Bioreactors are specialized pressure vessels used in pharmaceutical, food, and medical industries to provide a biologically optimal environment for cell or bacterial growth. For example, this cellular or bacterial growth has been an essential part of vaccine or insulin production in biopharmaceuticals. Moreover, in recent years, this mechanism has also…

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Stainless steel bioreactor used in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Grade Stainless Steel Tanks: Meeting ASME Sanitary Pressure Vessel Requirements

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The world witnessed the pharmaceutical industry’s advance in recent years as the industry successfully developed multiple vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in less than a year. This success can be attributed to the exceptional progress of pharmaceutical research and development and technological advances in manufacturing.    These technological advances can…

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An industrial bioreactor used in the pharmaceutical industry

Bioreactors in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Anything that helps bio-organisms thrive can be considered a bioreactor, from living beings to technological innovations. The bioreactor technology used in pharmaceuticals supports a wide area of biological research, from cell therapy to vaccine development. The engineering of the bioreactor vessel and its integration into the production line is directly…

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