A molten puddle showing little weld pool turbulence generated by GTAW orbital

Orbital Welding Power Supply

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The advantages of orbital welding vs. manual welding are well known. These include improved consistency, better precision, greater efficiency, and eliminating the physical demands contributing to substandard manual welds. Fully realizing these attributes, however, requires the best orbital welding technique, materials, and equipment. Orbital welding relies on automation to provide…

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A welder performing MIG welding in an industrial workshop

Applying Different Welding Techniques to Orbital Welding

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Pipe welding is particularly challenging because it requires welders to continuously transition through flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. To address these pipe welding challenges and ensure high-quality, repeatable welds, orbital welding was developed. For optimal results, orbital welding systems must be programmed with these welding techniques. Likewise, machine operators…

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