Stainless steel equipment displays food safe welding

Food Safe Welding: How Orbital Welding Helps Guarantee the Safety of Food

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In food production and manufacturing applications, metal component quality is crucial. Welding plays an important role in maintaining the food-safe status of the in-contact metal components. Organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have set standards such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for welded metal surfaces to…

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Beverage factory with hygienic welding systems

Why Modern Industry Depends on Hygienic Welding

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Excluding water, tea and coffee, perhaps unsurprisingly, are the most consumed beverages in the world. However, would you have assumed that beer ranks third? A nice cold beer apparently remains one of life’s treasures for many people. Regardless of which beverage you prefer, though, it was almost certainly produced in…

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Orbital welding hazards can be minimized with proper training.

Orbital Welding Hazards: Ways to Reduce Welding Health and Safety Risks

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By its very nature, the orbital TIG welding process poses fewer hazards than most manual welding methods. Non-consumable electrodes, fully enclosed weld heads, remote vision systems, and mechanized control of the welding process can all reduce the health and safety risks associated with welding. Nonetheless, orbital welding hazards do exist,…

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