Stainless steel bioreactor used in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Grade Stainless Steel Tanks: Meeting ASME Sanitary Pressure Vessel Requirements

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The world witnessed the pharmaceutical industry’s advance in recent years as the industry successfully developed multiple vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in less than a year. This success can be attributed to the exceptional progress of pharmaceutical research and development and technological advances in manufacturing.    These technological advances can…

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Example of sanitary welding stainless steel

Electropolishing and the Sanitary Welding of Stainless Steel

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Food-grade, medical, or pharmaceutical manufacturing demands sanitary metalworking practices, as contamination can result from even a minor dent. For these applications, the choice of material, welding type, and finishing procedure all hold great importance. Stainless steel is a common choice in these industries because of its smooth finish and corrosion-resistant…

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Image illustrating what gas is best to purge stainless steel pipe during welding

What Gas Is Best To Purge Stainless Steel Pipe During Welding

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If you are performing a welding operation, you’re familiar with the term “purging,” which is simply the method of extracting oxygen from the welding scene to avoid the risk of oxidation. When TIG welding, purging prevents issues like pitting, cracking, and splatter from arising. Argon, the most notable purging gas,…

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