Automated system implementations in the welding industry have grown as more manufacturers utilize Industry 5.0 practices. The continued evolution of welding technology depends on the manufacturer’s ability to monitor, collect, and analyze weld data to identify welding process efficiency, effectiveness, and improvement opportunities. With a remote welding pendant, welding process operators can update welding parameters while monitoring weld data remotely. And as automated welding expands across industries, more manufacturers depend on welding arc monitoring systems for their welding applications. 

When To Use a Remote Welding Arc Monitoring System?

Arc welding is a critical process requiring special care to ensure compliance with weld parameters, including arc length, feed rate, gas flow rate, current, voltage, and heat input. While mechanized welding systems like orbital welding can control these parameters, operators must monitor the weld process. To do so, manufacturers can install a remote welding arc monitoring system to capture each weld activity. 

The system uses a camera paired with a digital vision system that can help operators monitor every movement of the weld head. Changes can be performed from the remote control when optimization is required. This process can be especially advantageous when performing lengthy welds on large bore pipes. 

Advantages of Using Welding Arc Monitoring Systems

Welding arc monitoring systems offer the following advantages:

Parameter Control

Manual welding may require welders to stop the welding process and shut off the power supply before adjusting weld parameters. With the help of a remote control unit (or remote pendant), welders can observe and identify any changes necessary for the feed rate, electrode angle, arc length, etc. Adjustments can be performed remotely while the weld is in progress. 

When defects like pores, irregularities, or discoloration arise in the weld surface, the vision system can quickly capture the issue. In response, the operator can make corrective actions before proceeding with the weld. 


Safety for welders and operators is a primary advantage offered by remote monitoring systems. Striking an arc exposes welders to hazardous fumes, burns, or eye damage. Additionally, ergonomic issues may arise when welding must be performed overhead, on tight clearances, or when the weld geometry is complex. Arc welding monitoring systems help welders keep a close eye on the weld—remotely—while the automated system handles the risk. When using a digital vision system, welds can be magnified and observed clearly with high-resolution imaging. 


Pairing the remote monitoring system with a digital data acquisition system facilitates data capture and documentation of weld parameters. In many industries, this is an important record of compliance and can be standardized for future reference to ensure safe and quality welding. 


Rapid assessment of the weld parameter and identification of defects allow operators to take immediate corrective action that can help manufacturers avoid costly maintenance and rework. With weld process automation and human monitoring, manufacturers can increase productivity and operational efficiency. 

Advanced Monitoring Systems Is the Way Forward in Welding 

With the shortage of skilled welders and the expanded adoption of automation technology, the need for remote monitoring systems is on the rise. AMI provides a range of camera systems, viewing systems, and data acquisition systems compatible across various orbital welding applications. Active light filtering and high-resolution imagery, as well as vibrant color viewing of the arc and the molten puddle, allow operators to observe the weld process in complex areas. Because these advanced monitoring systems offer operators more control over the weld process, they will likely continue to experience increased utilization across industries.

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