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Semiconductor manufacturing has become more complex, with today’s chips requiring nanometer-level precision. Additionally, the range of exotic materials used in the manufacturing process, alongwith the specialized skills and required technology to create a semiconductor chip have also expanded. As global demand increases, manufacturers can struggle to adhere to quality standards.

Today’s semiconductor complexity requires sophisticated detailing during the welding process. To meet these requirements, engineers and designers turn to orbital welding for its enhanced control, precision, and purity. This article will review the benefits of adapting orbital welding for fabricating semiconductors and their supporting components.

The Complexity of Semiconductor Welding

Semiconductors in electronic devices control the electrical current between the conductor and insulator. From computers to LED bulbs, semiconductors can be found across a range of industries and applications that directly influence our day-to-day lives. And as devices become more complex, semiconductors also must evolve. Materials and assembly mechanisms have greatly influenced this process. 

The most commonly used materials for semiconductors include elements like silicon, germanium, tellurium, tin, sulfur, and selenium or compounds such as gallium arsenide, indium arsenide, and silicon carbide. To achieve the desired conductivity, materials require doping, etching, or photolithographic treatment. 

The challenge is not only welding precision, but also the level of care these materials require. Toxic gases and chemicals are part of the process, for instance, when laying an EUV substrate or etching out transistors for a semiconductor chip. However, repeated exposure to materials like gallium and tellurium or toxic chemical elements like arsenic, ammonia, and acetone can be potentially hazardous to human health.

Careful material and process control are necessary for safe, high-quality results in semiconductor manufacturing. 

Orbital Welding for Semiconductor Fabrication

Maintaining the semiconductor fabrication process requires a range of cooling tubes and equipment. This equipment ensures that the processing can be accomplished in the defined temperature range. To ensure the high-quality fusion of these tubes and pipes, orbital welding offers the ideal solution, with advantages like speed, precision, and repeatability that add value to the semiconductor manufacturing process. 

The orbital semiconductor welding process offers:

  • Controlled heat input to minimize the chances of thermal distortion of tubes.
  • Closed auto weld heads with amperage and arc control that can continuously weld thin tubes without creating localized heating issues.
  • Orbital GTAW’s excellent shielding from oxidation.
  • Tube circumference that can be welded in one continuous pass. 

Enhancing Semiconductor Quality With Orbital Welding

Careful material and process control can increase safety, while weld parameter control can increase quality. Orbital welding combines these two aspects to enable weld control based on material choice. Orbital welding also enhances operator safety by allowing remote monitoring and auto welding in complex positions. 

Automated control, monitoring, and parameter optimization are essential components for high-quality semiconductor welding. As semiconductor welding continues to evolve, manufacturers depend on the precision and reliability of automated orbital welding. 

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